8 Characteristics of an Excellent Plastic Surgeon, According to Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery

Dr. Carlos Chacon
2 min readSep 21, 2022


Dr. Carlos Chacon of Divino Plastic Surgery provides a quick list of important qualities to look for in a plastic surgeon.

BONITA, CALIFORNIA — When it comes to medical care, finding the right professional is an important part of the process. The physician who oversees care should be a good fit for the patient and someone they can trust. Dr. Carlos Chacon recently spoke out about what makes a plastic surgeon a good fit.

Characteristics Required for Excellence in Plastic Surgery

With many years of experience in the plastic surgery field, he is extremely familiar with helping clients and supporting them through the process. Dr. Carlos Chacon founded Divino Plastic Surgery in Bonita in 2012. He outlined eight important characteristics of a plastic surgeon.

Integrity: A plastic surgeon is responsible for medical care and treatment. Patients should feel confident that their plastic surgeon is going to help make the best choices in the interest of their healthcare, says Dr. Carlos Chacon.

Patient-Centric Approach: Places like Divino Plastic Surgery need to help keep patients at the center of their services, says Dr. Chacon. A good plastic surgeon is going to be concerned with patient outcomes over trying to upsell services.

Compassion and Empathy: Plastic surgeons have to understand what a patient is going through in order to help suggest the services most likely to provide a successful outcome for them. A surgeon needs to feel empathy in order to carefully conduct surgical procedures as they would want them done on themselves, says Dr. Chacon.

Skill and Experience: It takes time to learn the skills needed to provide excellent plastic surgery, says Dr. Chacon. Not only does a plastic surgeon need to have years of medical school under his or her belt, but they also should have experience through internship, residency, and fellowship before building a practice.

Ingenuity: A sense of resourcefulness is another factor Dr. Chacon believes is important for any plastic surgeon to possess. He says surgeons have to come up with original approaches to many problems presented in the cases they examine.

Dedication: As with many professions, being dedicated to the craft and clients is necessary for reaching higher levels of success. Dr. Chacon says finding a dedicated professional will help ensure the best outcomes possible.

Attention to Detail: With plastic surgery, there are many fine details that should be carefully considered during each procedure. Only professionals who are skilled and able to fully focus will have high outcomes for the largest part of their patient population.

Creativity and Agility: Finally, Dr. Carlos Chacon and the Divino Plastic Surgery team pride themselves on finding creative solutions, using cutting-edge technology and adapting quickly to industry trends. The doctor says an ability to pivot as needed is necessary — especially following a pandemic. “There were requirements to shut down for ‘non-essential business’ and that really impacted people’s lives,” he notes. “As a small business and cosmetic healthcare facility, we had to be prepared to adapt quickly in the best interest of our patients.”



Dr. Carlos Chacon

Dr. Carlos Chacon, MD, MBA, Founder of Divino Plastic Surgery.